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Time-Lapse, Aerial and Commercial PhotographyRemote Monitoring and Video Production

Sitevisuals is an innovative service provider offering professional time-lapse, aerial and commercial photography. We are specialists in remote visual monitoring and provide our own video production services. We are a one-stop-shop saving you time, complexity and expense by bringing multiple services and capabilities together under the same roof, coordinated by the same team.

We seek to capture your sites and subjects in high-resolution digital imagery in order to present your business and your activities in the highest quality.

We support a broad range of industries and applications including; commercial and residential construction, land and estate developments, civil works, mining, security, shop/office fit-outs and more. Please try us out and experience the following...



Work anywhere in the world but keep up-to-date with progress using your desktop, tablet or mobile phone while you're on the move.

Images captured and delivered in near-real-time
Advanced and secure website access
Automated location update reports by email


Improve communications amongst your team. You can schedule earlier and finish quicker. Don't tell them, show them! "A picture is worth a thousand words";

Designed for multiple projects & locations
Advanced user administration and permissions
Use the latest images in project & board reports


Engage your stakeholders, community and general public by showing them the latest and greatest progress images automatically;

Add live views to any website 
Include images into social media posts
Celebrate with an impressive time lapse video


3,684,718 images captured & counting……
3,684,718 images captured…



Raine Square Update - Jun 18

The floors and walls have well and truly gone up on the new Raine Square in the City of Perth. See it all happen in our latest extended version time-lapse update of construction which also incorporates a flyover for a birds eye view of progress so far...  by Charter Hall and Built