What are the benefits of Sitevisuals?

How much time does your team spend on the road travelling from site to site just to see what is going on? Just think of how many other opportunities you could be taking on if you could retrieve even half of this time.

With sitevisuals this possibility can become a reality. sitevisuals is not a cost to your business but rather a profit centre that can easily justify its own Return on Investment (ROI) through productivity improvements alone.

What about management and even your customers? Do you think there could be additional benefits by allowing them to see the site themselves, even if it's just peace of mind or improved public relations. How much is this worth to the future of your business?

Increased Productivity

  • Reduced site visits and travel for multiple personnel
  • Improved scheduling and coordination
  • Better equipment and facility utilisation

Improved Efficiency

  • Less re-work through better coordination 
  • Less time spent resolving disputes
  • Less time spent on over-head activities and more on the job

Increased Profitability

  • Earlier time to completion
  • Better scheduling and coordination 
  • Earlier receipt of progress payments
  • Improved working capital management
  • Opportunities for bonus payments for early completion

For your Team

  • Increased productivity of individual team members through less travel
  • Improved collaboration by giving team members access to site images
  • Improved coordination, communication and accountability
  • Better understanding of the big picture through visual progress status
  • Reduced time for decisions across the whole project team to beat schedules
  • Better coordination amongst contractors and suppliers
  • Daily accountability for work progress
  • Less time wasted providing document progress update

For your Business and Customers

  • Demonstrate your unique capabilities, methods and results
  • Make an impact at customer meetings and industry tradeshows
  • Effective way to showcase signature projects to customers and clients
  • A strong technology differentiator that your customers will instantly value
  • Provide a historical testament of those that participated in the projects
  • Compelling images for public relations activities
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