Remote construction monitoring supports industry in uncertain times
As the COVID-19 global pandemic brings events, workplaces and travel grinding to a halt it has become more important than ever to be able to operate remotely.

While office workers have the option to switch to a remote work-from-home environment, the construction industry must plow on, but there are still ways to take things off-site.
Remote construction site monitoring systems allow site managers, workers, contractors and stakeholders to track progress without needing to be on site more than they need to.

Sitevisuals Managing Director David Shawcross said, remote visual monitoring could be the solution for many companies who operate projects interstate or overseas and whose project management has been thrown into uncertainty given new travel restrictions and fears.

"Remote site monitoring systems are able to give project managers and contractors visual reassurance around site operations in this uncertain time.”

"With time-lapse photography we are able to capture site progress at regular intervals each day, so anyone can check whether scheduled shipments have arrived, who is on site, how weather conditions may be impacting progress and what stage construction is at.”

Images can be captured as often as every minute, however most businesses aim for captures every 12-30 minutes during daylight hours.

The high resolution photos are transmitted over a 3G/4G wireless network and are viewable via a secure website by anyone with approved access credentials.

A publicly-accessible live-feed can also be set up for companies to place on their own website.

"Live-feeds allow the general public to follow multiple projects as they progress and is a great tool to improve stakeholder engagement,” Mr Shawcross said.

Of course, not everyone can be remote when it comes to construction. Always remember to maintain standard hygiene procedures and avoid coming to work if you are feeling unwell.

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