Constantly working behind the scenes to make the Sitevisuals image portal even more powerful and user friendly, we are excited to announce our latest feature. Click for more information...

After dropping down into a single location camera view, keen observers who log on the Sitevisuals image portal will discover a new tool set on the right hand side of the screen identifiable by two small icons; a list and a clock.

Hovering your mouse over these icons will expose a film strip view of the location with options to see;

  • every image (on the day),
  • one image every day (for a month) or
  • one image for every week (since the start).

Users can quickly and conveniently scan the changes in the smaller thumbnail images and select any one of them to get a full screen view. Scrolling the mouse wheel while over the top of the film strip will allow you to quickly see the full range of captures, or you can do the same by clicking and dragging the side scroll bar.

Remember you can change your default startup display preferences anytime by clicking on your user name, select "Settings" and then from the first "Start-Up" tab you can select how you want menus to behave;

  • Auto Hide (show the largest size image and hide the menus if they overlap it),
  • Smart-Hide (show the largest size image and show the menus if there is space to fit them), or
  • Never-Hide (reduce the size of the image so the menus are always visible without overlapping the image).

Due to the added screen space needed to display the film strip this feature will only be available for laptop/desktop devices.

We hope you enjoy this new tool. Please contact us with any questions or feedback you may have...