Sitevisuals website update

If you haven't visited the Sitevisuals website lately, you will not have seen the major refresh we have made to our website.

We have simplified the menu options across the top of the page, updated our banner and images and included a site map into the footer all in an effort to make it quicker and easier for you to navigate. In addition we have added a range of social media icons to make it easier for you to share what we have to offer and to follow the updates we make.

We have also added many new pages including;

  • a FAQ's page (Frequently Asked Questions),
  • a Screenshots for new users who just want a quick view,
  • a Demo sign up page, and 
  • a latest News page with a RSS feeds option

We hope you like the changes and would love to hear back as to how you are finding it or if you would like us to add anything else. Enjoy!